These are my favorite Assessments and the ones I have chosen to be trained or certified to use

This is a unique assessment that measures your 48 attitudes and motivations within the context of your work and then compares your results with enterepreneurs and business builders who experienced venture success as well as failure.  The assessment and benchark is based on a world first 20 year qualitative and quantitative founder study that sought to answer the million or even billion dollar question, “can entrepreneurial success be predicted?” After the first study was completed, they then partnered with the Startup Genome and replicated the first study across 55 different cities and over 3000 startups and scale ups. The really interesting thing about the second study was that it validated the results of the first study that there were in fact attitudes and motivations that correlated to early stage venture success and failure, There is no other assessment that can not only tell you your motivations and attitudes but can help you see where you have strengths and blindspots as compared to highly successful entrepreneurs and business builders. Three reliability tests and studies were conducted on this assessment which reported a reliability score between 89-98%.

Core Values Index

This a unique psychometric assessment that measures your blend of core values that help to create your unique nature and is not likely to change throughout your life. It describes why you do what you do. How you approach work to so that it is rewarding and filfilling. It also describes your communication style, team contribution style, conflict strategy, and learning style. This was independently evaluated and given a reliability score of 97.7% which is higher than Myers Briggs and DISC.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis is one of the quickest ways to accurately discover someone’s current mental state and personality. This explains why it is a very effective tool for determining how compatible two people might be or if a particular person would be the best fit for a given job. This assessment also differs from others because there is no auto generated report, and it requires an experienced certified analyst to properly analyze a person’s handwriting. I am a certified handwriting analyst and have been analyzing handwriting for over 30 years.


You may be wondering how your handwriting can reveal so many things about your personality. It becomes clearer as you understand how the mind works.


Initially a person is taught the proper strokes required to form each letter of the alphabet. Over time, the repetitive micro movements require less and less conscious concentration to form each letter. Once this happens the structure and formation of the letters is handed over to the subconscious mind and it becomes a habit.


The subconscious mind is the place that controls the autonomic nervous system—breathing, heartbeat, and the body’s reactions that run automatically—including the fight or flight reactions. Once you repeat an action long enough such that you can do it without much conscious thought, the subconscious mind takes over. The subconscious mind is also where your beliefs are stored. This means that since your handwriting is hard-wired into your autonomic nervous system which is controlled by your subconscious mind, and your beliefs reside in your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind will induce small changes to the micro movements used to form a letter in order to express your beliefs and character. While your handwriting started out looking similar to everyone else’s, overtime your subconscious mind modified it to align with your character. This explains why each person’s handwriting is unique to them and why it is even possible for an experienced forensic document examiner to detect a forgery.


Interestingly, the handwriting of those that lose the use of their hands due to some accident and have to learn to write with their feet or mouth ends up looking virtually identical to their original handwriting produced with their hands.  This is because the person’s character is the same and so once the person develops the skill to write with that part of their body the subconscious mind takes over and will continue to express the same character traits as before. It is when your character changes that you see a significant change in your handwriting.


You have already experienced this for yourself. You know that your handwriting changes based on whether you are feeling relaxed, angry, in a hurry, scared, or feeling romantic. Over time your handwriting will change as your personality evolves and you experience life’s ups and downs.