Are you tired of trying to keep all the plates spinning because everything seems urgent AND important?


Are you tired of being ignored by upper management and not respected by your peers?

Do you dread having that difficult conversation that you know is necessary but not sure it will turn out well?


Can You RELATE?  You’re NOT alone!

You want to be a great leader, but there are so many voices and competing demands on your time that you are not sure where to turn for help.

Where do you go for help when you have team members that are not motivated to raise their performance and be self-motivated?

Unfortunately, it’s likely your HR department doesn’t have the resources or budget to provide the necessary ongoing training you need.

So what do you do when you are continually dragged into yet another meeting where most people are on their phone or laptop, everything discussed could have been shared electronically, and if there are action items nobody is held accountable?

If you are not a leader yet you may be even questioning if you really want to go into leadership, let alone move up in leadership and have to deal with all the “politics?”

If you face challenges like this day in and day out with no real training to address them it’s not surprising you’re not jumping out of your bed on Monday to go to work!

Do you find yourself thinking:

If I could just get Personal, In-Depth, Actionable Leadership Training, I KNOW I could have a bigger impact and feel more CONFIDENT!

I had many of these same thoughts when I was promoted into my first leadership role over 30 years ago.

You want to develop as a leader, but you’ve never been given adequate training on leadership. Consequently, you feel pulled in many different directions and not quite sure where to focus your limited time and resources which leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

And when you feel this way how do you talk to about it without your supervisor or peers losing confidence in you, when in reality you just need some training.

How many leaders do you know that have been promoted outside their area of expertise and into leadership only to fail miserably at being an effective leader, yet they are rarely removed which negatively impact job performance and fulfillment by every team member? They may have been great technically or as individual contributor, but you know as well as I that technical expertise does not translate into effective leadership skills.

But then again, how can you blame them. In the absence of proper training, leaders are left mimicking what some of their “good” leaders did, and avoiding what their “bad” leaders did. You and I both know that this approach rarely elevates a leader beyond average.

But that’s not you, right?

You want to feel more confident at resolving the conflicts that arise within your team and effectively hold them accountable when they fall short.

You want to effectively communicate with upper management in addition to your direct reports and peers.

You want to help your team members be motivated from within to excel and reach high levels of performance.

You want to develop your coaching abilities so you can address the people challenges when they surface.

You want to learn how to be more productive with your time in terms of running effective & productive meetings, managing all the email chatter, and accomplishing what really matters.

You want to learn how to be effective while working under a poor leader and still thrive in that environment.

You want to….But HOW?

If you are experiencing any of these challenges and you have a burning desire to receive actionable leadership training and elevate your leadership beyond average so you can have a bigger impact, show what you are capable of, and quit being ignored or passed over, then I have just the program for you!

Ignite Your Leadership!

This Leadership Development and Coaching program will take your leadership to the next level so you can feel excited to go to work knowing that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to make the impact you know you can!

Leadership Development Program (offered virtually or in-person)

The program is 24 1hr sessions over 6 months consisting of 16 Leadership Training sessions and 8 Coaching sessions.

We meet every week for 1hr. I provide instruction on various leadership topics for 2 weeks followed by a coaching session the third week followed by 2 more weeks of instruction and then coaching and so on. So this is a combination of instruction and 1:1 coaching. Here are some of the various leadership topics that we will cover:

    • Take 3 unique assessments that describe your innate nature, your personality, and your 48 motivations and attitudes at work. It is likely that you have not taken these assessments. You will find them to be very enlightening and empowering.
    • Values Exercise – I walk you through an exercise that helps you discover what your values actually are.
    • Create or Updates your Vision & Mission or Purpose statements – this will bring you additional clarity and help you prioritize how you spend you time at work and home.
    • The heart/motives and mindset that a Leader needs to have that’s different from an individual contributor
    • The 5 Levels of Leadership regardless of title or position
    • Leadership & Management – in this we will cover the difference between leadership and management
    • The 5 factors, proven by extensive research, that motivates people to excel as well as the 5 factors that if not present will cause dissatisfaction
    • Mindset – growth vs fixed, outward vs inward
    • Prioritizing and Delegating – this is a powerful exercise that will help you know what you should and should not be doing
    • Clarity Breaks – this will help you unleash your super power
    • The 7 Levels of Team Engagement
    • The principles of communication to help you move beyond transactional communication to really connect with people along with the 4 common barriers to communication
    • How to successfully Resolve Conflicts and hold effective Accountability conversations
    • How to effectively communicate with upper management
    • How to increase productivity by managing the whirlwind, doing more deep work, and reducing email chatter
    • Effective Team Scorecards – this instills discipline and accountability for yourself and each team member
    • How to properly managing transitions for your team
    • How to improve meeting effectiveness
    • How to conduct effective 1:1s
    • How to find & hire the right person for your team. I will teach you my highly effective hiring and interview process and tips
    • How to properly onboard a new hire
    • Presentation & Speaking tips
    • How to Coach & Mentor your team members, including learning the difference between the two

Are You Ready To Ignite Your Leadership?

Are you ready to increase your skills and confidence as a leader by receiving actionable leadership training?

This is your chance to have greater fulfillment at work and significantly impact those you serve.

Don’t wait any longer. It’s time to Ignite Your Leadership by engaging in a leadership training program like no other.

Click the button below to schedule a brief consultation with me to answer your questions see if this is a fit for you!

Just to make sure this program is the right fit for you, this is NOT for you if:

  • You prefer to figure it out on your own like the vast majority of leaders by reading a few books and listening to podcasts
  • You are happy where you are at and not interested in becoming the type of influential leader that can significantly impact the lives of many people for good
  • You want a quick fix class or webinar
  • You are not willing to consistently invest at least 1 hr a week in personal leadership training for yourself and those you serve

This IS for you if you want to:

  • Increase your confidence as a leader so you quit having feelings of being an imposter
  • Have greater influence with your team members, peers, and upper management so they listen to you and stop ignoring your ideas
  • Discover what you don’t know so you can develop the skills to get to that next promotion and have an even bigger impact
  • Develop effective communication skills so you confidently know how to conduct difficult conversations or hold team members accountable and stop feeling guilty for not taking action because you don’t know how to conduct them in a way that there is a positive outcome
  • Know how to really connect with your team members and help them become self-motivated so you can feel more relaxed knowing they are taking ownership of their work
  • Learn how to be Productive with your time so you are more in control of your day instead going home feeling overwhelmed from attending non-essential or ineffective meetings and replying to a never ending stream of email chatter

Ignite Your Leadership!

If you’re ready to take your leadership to a whole new level then don’t let this opportunity pass you by and allow other demands to distract you and prevent you from an opportunity to significantly increase your confidence and impact as a leader.

I doubt you will find any other leadership program that is as comprehensive as this one so don’t wait.

Click the button below to schedule a brief consultation with me to answer your questions see if this is a fit for you!