How do you find the right person to fill a vacancy in your team or staff? If you asked a room full of leaders this question, most would acknowledge that their process was not nearly as effective as they would like, but they would admit they are not quite sure how to improve it either.

Workshop on The 12 Steps to Hiring & Onboarding the Right Person for Your Team

In this 4 hr workshop we will cover my 12 interviewing and onboarding process, including an in-depth demonstration of my version of behavioral interviewing proven to be very effective. I developed this process and interviewing style over a period of 30 years and it has proven again and again to be extremely effective. For the behavioral interviewing section of the workshop, I will first demonstrate how to ask very specific questions that will help you learn a person’s character and how they approach work. As I ask each question from a volunteer of the group we will discuss what each attendee learned through their observation followed by me sharing what I learned.  We will then give everyone the opportunity to practice doing the same and provide feedback. My version of Behavioral Interviewing takes time to master and with this workshop you will be well on your way!

My 12 Step Interviewing & Onboarding Process:

  1. Clarify The Gap you need to fill In your team
  2. Create a Rubric – I will give you examples
  3. Create a compelling Job Posting – I will provide examples
  4. Filter the Resumes
  5. Conduct the Phone/Video Conf Screen Interview
  6. Use Assessments – I will provide a brief overview of some of the top ones, with extra time on the ones I prefer and use
  7. Conduct a Work History Interview
  8. Conduct a Special Behavioral Based Interview
  9. Conduct Skills Based Interviews
  10. Conduct a Values Based Interview – this can be combined with the Work History Interview
  11. Compare notes and Choose the Candidate
  12. Onboard the new hire – I will provide a sample spreadsheet of things to consider in onboarding

Interviewing Service


Through my unique combination of assessments and my version of behavioral interviewing, which I developed over 30 years, I can help you find the right person for your team. Once you’ve narrowed the list of candidates to just a few, I can perform one of the final interviews on your behalf and provide you with insights into the candidate’s character and help you determine if they would be a top performer for the gap you are looking to fill in your team.

My Interview service includes the following:

  • Pre-Interview meeting with the hiring manager to review the job description and description of a top candidate in that role
  • Sending instructions to the candidate on how to complete some very unique assessments
  • Prep time for the actual interview, including review of the candidate’s assessment results
  • Conducting a detailed 90 minute behavioral interview
  • Post-Interview meeting, 30-60 min, with the hiring manager to discuss the candidate’s assessment results, any red flags, and my description of the candidate.